Work of wiztara started as a small step in 2012 in educating health professionals to identify autism early.
Within few years, many parents and well wishers joined together and expanded its work.
"Wiztara for Autism" is registered as a trust in 2017 by like minded people with the vision of equal opportunity and inclusive society for individuals with autism. Our Mission is to create autism awareness, empowerment of parents and creating opportunities for people with autism.


Journey So Far

Wiztara for Autism has taken up creating awareness among health professionals for early identification of autism. Since 2012, 600 health professionals in chennai and bangalore has been sensitized to identify high risk features of autism.
In 2016 and 2017, World autism awareness day was celebrated by Wiztara in Freedom park, Bangalore as SAMARPAN UTSAV. There was performances by kids, music show, awareness skit, street play, stalls by service providers, fun and entertainment. Public noticed the event and were curious about autism.
We expanded as a family with more parents and well wishers joining hands.
In 2017 October, wiztara created " PLATFORM TO PERFORM " , in which various skills of 50 kids in the spectrum got exhibited.
Parent empowerment sessions were conducted at regular intervals.
As we are in this field, we more and more see that, autism awareness and social inclusion is in the hands of each and every responsible citizens of India. Each ones role is essential to support individuals with autism lead a life of dignity.
Inclusive society is sustainable society! Autism awareness is a community game!! Lets play it together..